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Your success is our success.

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JK Consulting is an international restaurant and hospitality consulting firm, specializing in the development and turnaround of restaurants, bars, and hotels.   We are a team of industry veterans that provide innovative ideas and solutions to previously existing or new restaurant concepts.  Our goal is to develop creative paths to drive restaurant sales.  We have a high rate of success thanks to our international experience and team of experts.  Our creativity levels are higher than most and we provide concrete analysis and substantial research to support our solutions.  We also provide a specific implementation procedure.


At JK Consulting, we offer many services to fit your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the best options possible in order to ensure your success.  We start by assessing and examining your concept.  We then analyze the most successful route, location, concept, and menu to ensure success. We offer many packages and options depending on your budget. We will work with you to try and find the most reasonable option to suit your needs.  Services we provide include concept development, business plan development, menu and recipe development, cost analysis, inventory management, theft and internal controls, restaurant and kitchen design, training (chef, cooks, managers and waitstaff), website design, SEO, marketing, public relations, operations assessment, profit and loss analysis, mystery shopping, turnarounds and franchising.  As a personal introduction to our services, we offer a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION!


In order to fully understand the problem, we must first tackle the Why? What? Where? When and How?

Why is your restaurant failing to maximize or turn a profit? What are the problems? Where are the problems occurring? When are these issues taking place? How do we not only fix them, but how do we prevent them from happening again? We will come up with creative and proven methods dealing with but not limited to: Food Cost, Labor Cost, Liquor Management, Theft Prevention, Internal Controls, Inventory Management Systems, and Training. Let our team take control and show you how you can be successful in a very challenging industry.