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JK Consulting provides evaluation services for restaurants, hotels, spas, financial institutions, and technology companies. We measure the quality of food and service provided to your customers by obtaining valuable feedback from our mystery shoppers. As a result of our consultative approach to mystery shopping for hospitality companies, we will provide you with the opportunity to achieve customer service excellence through independent customer service evaluations.

“Most customers do not complain; they just never come back!”

Why do we need Mystery Shopping?

Owners and managers simply can’t be everywhere. We also understand that sometimes being in an operation day in and day out leads to overlooking both small and large details; this may greatly affect the customer’s experience. This is why it is so imperative to have secret shoppers.

What are Secret Shoppers?

Secret shoppers are people who visit businesses posing as customers, evaluate the service they receive and complete an evaluation form. These evaluations provide you with a detailed report of your entire operation from a consumer’s point of view.

As opposed to many companies who only use those who signup on their database, we at JK Consulting feel it is important to sift through the candidates. This is why we utilize industry professionals, trained spotters, and avid diners. This gives the management and ownership the most accurate assessment and description of their operation.

What does a Restaurant Mystery Shoppers Report Consist of?

The Report consists of the guest’s experience from the moment they make a reservation, step through your door and leave.  Included in the evaluation are the following areas:

  • Telephone reservations
  • Host/Hostess reception
  • Ambiance and cleanliness
  • Bartender service
  • Liquor liability
  • Theft
  • Suggestive selling
  • Presentation
  • Server timeliness
  • Employee attitudes
  • Attentiveness
  • Food and beverage quality
  • Overall operation
So take a step back and let us do the work for you!

How Useful are these Reports?

Business owners and managers use these reports to ensure their employees are practicing good selling techniques, providing quality service to their customers and that the food is both properly presented and of good quality. These reports can also help to identify areas of Theft & Liquor Liability.

Most customers do not complain; they just never come back! These customers tell their friends, who then tell their friends. This, plus the use of the internet, makes it even more important to get the inside track on your guests’ experiences. The negative impact on you is insurmountable, given the reach of the internet.

You can't do all of this by yourself, after all, you aren’t a guest!  Even if you have friends coming into your business,  you can never truly gain an unbiased opinion. Your staff knows who your friends are and your friends might not be as honest with you as you may think.

What do I do once the Report is complete?

Once the report is complete, we will review our findings with you to help you gain the insight needed. This will allow you to achieve higher sales, an increase in quality of food, service, and put you on the path of success.

JK Consulting can assist in the development of systems in your establishment to help facilitate a smoother operation that is more efficient and profitable.  We also offer Competitor Analysis to show you how you rank in atmosphere, food, service and overall experience with operations in your area.


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