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JK Consulting creates innovative and fun restaurant concepts to meet the demands of today and the future.  If you either have an idea for what you want or you want us to create one for you, we will assist you in coming up with the right identity for your business.  JK Consulting will work with you to see your vision become a reality. We create concepts that meet the criteria for your target market and beyond. From a single unit, multi-unit and franchise, we will utilize current trends, demographics and view your competition to make sure the concept is a right fit.  The competition analysis will allow us to see what niche we can carve out in the market.  After all, it is not enough to be the same, you have to be different.  The concept will consider all aspects of the restaurant from the food, service, decor, lighting, and design.  This includes anything and everything which will contribute to the experience and environment for your guests as well as your employees.

Concept development will give your business an identity, so everything else can be firmly built on it.  This will be the reason that customers will want to enter your doors. It can also be utilized for business plans and investor presentations.


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