Cost Analysis

One of the worst things consultants often observe is the poor shape your operation is in.  The financial burden of running a distressed operation is worrisome and draining. This is why we are here to help. We utilize our experience in the industry to help make owners and operators lives easier.

Our approach to Cost Analysis is similar to that of an Auditor. Anyone can look at the financials and tell you that you are losing money. We will review your financials and find out why you are either losing money or not making more.


You will work with our chefs to develop standardized recipes that are fully cost out and account for all waste.


We will speak with management to ensure their scheduling practices and numbers really match up.


We will analyze your bartenders pouring and beer tap system in order to make sure that you are making the right money in the most profitable area of this industry.


We will review all of your procedures and determine where the opportunity to steal is in your operation. We can even send spotters into your operation to find those employees who are taking your hard earned dollars.