Franchising Consulting

Our Franchise Consulting services include but are not limited to Franchise Development, Franchise Investment, and Mergers and Acquisition.

Franchise Development

Are people begging you to open another location? Then it’s time to ask yourself, are you franchise-able?

Franchising is a great option for a restaurateur to take their restaurant and turn it into a household name. Restaurant Franchising can be the answer for you especially, if you want to see rapid growth without the financial investment of company-owned restaurants. By selling franchises, you can focus your attention on growing your network of franchisees and expanding your presence

The Key to being a successful Franchisor is having the systems in place and infrastructure necessary to provide to your Franchisees

When they are successful, you will become successful.


   Franchise Services:

1.Evaluate your Concept, Menu, Décor and Service

2.  Refine your Menu:

a. Develop Recipes

b. Get your Food & Labor Costs in check

3.  Franchise Business Plan:

4.  Market Research

5.  Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

a. Work with an experienced legal team to create the FDD and other Legal Documents

6.  Create your Operations Manual; this includes:

a. Recipe Book

b. Recipe Costing

c. Policies & Procedures

7.  Training of Service and Kitchen Staff

8.  Franchise Sales Support

9.  Ongoing Franchise Support


Franchise Investment:

If you are looking to find the right investment, let us help you find the right restaurant franchise. We will work with you to find the franchise that fits your needs.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you looking to grow and expand your business through mergers and acquisition. JK Consulting will work with you to ensure smooth and successful merger and acquisition transactions. We will help you achieve your their growth, expansion and market penetration aspirations.

We offer a comprehensive due diligence plan to review the operation, products, services and terms as well as, the franchisor/ franchisee relationship. The franchisee is most important since this is the value of the business; it ensures your success. A great portion of the profit from the franchise comes from the products and services sold to them. Finding the problems with the relationship, quality, pricing, service and support goes beyond the basic financial reporting.

This process is integral to the success of your business. Without experienced restaurant/ hospitality professionals doing the due diligence, you would be putting yourself and your company at great financial risk.