Restaurant Restructuring Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO)

Let us help you and serve as your Chief Restructuring Officer or Interim CEO during the restructuring of your debts.  This may occur out of court or during the Chapter 11 restructuring process.  Beware of appointing a turnaround professional with limited knowledge in this difficult industry.  At JK Consulting, we have over 20 years of experience in operations, accounting and culinary arts. Our restaurant and hospitality experience, as well as strong industry relationships makes us the best choice for your company or client. We are uniquely skilled as demonstrated by our track record of successfully turning around businesses and delivering strategic opportunities. We will give you a fresh perspective and assess all aspects of your business clearly and objectively.

 Let us be your guide to a successful restructuring.

The Responsibilities of a CRO or interim CEO are to:

Assess your operation and potential restructuring optionsIdentify your problems and implement creative solutionsCreate a business planReport directly to the to the board of directorsAssist in the sale or turnaround of your businessRenegotiate all aspects of the company’s finances both secured and unsecured debtNegotiate with vendors and customersManage cash flow and identify cost savingsWork together with your management and legal teamIdentify potential strategic merger and acquisition opportunitiesLocate sources of outside capital


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