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We cannot attest to who is wrong and who is right in this situation because we were obviously not there.  However, in this case, it is important to understand the responsibilities of the servers, sommeliers and customers 

It is the servers and  sommeliers responsibility to give accurate information to the customer and guide them through the menu and wine list.  However, if the information they provided was incorrect, then how can we hold the customer at fault?  At the same time, they should be giving the price as though one was writing it on a check and not some sort of slang. Up-selling is one thing but for a server to have made the suggestion of a bottle of wine for 10 guests at $3,750 is a bit much, unless it is implied that the guest wanted something in that price range.

The customers responsibility should have been to defer to another patron to make the choice, if they are incapable of making the correct selection.  In this case, the diner did not have his glasses and should have asked a fellow guest to confirm. I understand this was a business meeting but clearly his wife next to him or a colleague could have been helpful.  

What do we get out of this experience? It all boils down to training and controls.

1. We must have accurate controls to how we sell wines, especially pricey ones, choosing a wine and acceptance. 

2. Train staff members that slang or short speak is not appropriate and can lead to confusion.

3. As a customer,  you should defer to another guest if you are unable to see the wine list. 


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