Training your employees is a crucial element of success.  You will give them the skills and foundation for which they will become the stars to succeed in this very challenging industry. Working with the business plan and employee manuals, we will help you set up the framework for your current and new hires from which to work.


Front Of House

Here we will look at where their skills lie. We will assess and evaluate the employees to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Next we will go over the steps of service, service etiquette, table greetings, techniques, time management, wine service and training and menu training.



Back Of House

We will assess and train the staff accordingly in aspects of ordering, receiving, prepping, mise-en-place, and production during service. The chefs and cooks will use the standardized recipes to determine your menu in and out, proper plate presentations and garnishes. At JK Consulting we believe that one of the best solutions to achieving success is cross training. Your chefs and cooks should understand all stations to better serve your business and prevent loss of quality. Nobody wants to be beholden to an employee and should someone not show up for work, you will not be stuck in the weeds.