Menu & Recipe Development

     The Menu is one of the most crucial elements to your business. It is the basis for which the concept derives in order to get people in your door. We design the menu you need to implement, the kitchen with the right equipment, as well as the flow of service.  The menu is how you will ultimately be judged and will make profit. How many times have you gone into a restaurant and are confused by what you are ordering or the menu descriptions themselves are confusing?  Sometimes they do not even make the items sound appetizing.  We will design your menu, engineering our expertise to show you how to create a unique menu that is right for your concept and design it in such a way to turn it into a moneymaker.



If you are a startup or a preexisting restaurant looking to stand out from the competition and get rave reviews, we are here to help.  We will provide you with creative and innovative recipes that can be easily followed by your employees. Our Chef Consultant will formulate write recipes , then train your staff to implement them in a efficient and cost saving manner. These recipes will be your key to WOW your guests and build loyalty.